Paper Jewellery

These pieces of jewelery are made from recycled/reused paper

If you are interested in stocking this jewelery in your gallery/shop, would like to purchase or commission an individual piece, please contact me directly at

Lost and Found Collection

These pieces are made from recycled maps, which i have picked up over the years in various charity shops. Most pieces are embellished with tiny glass beads which are painstakingly threaded by hand.

A selection of my necklaces, beaded and un-beaded.
Single strand long necklace, with the map pieces interspersed with tiny black beads.
Single strand long piece with maps only and no beading.
Bookworm Collection

This range is created using the pages from great novels, I have a deep passion for reading and this is a celebration of that thirst for escapism. Once again most of these pieces are embellished with hand threaded tiny beads in jewel colors.

Long single strand necklace using book pages with a crystal beaded loop detail.
Bracelet using book pages threaded together.
Long single strand necklace using the book pages interspersed with amber colored beads.
Own song Collection

This collection is made from sheet music collected from charity shops and given new purpose in delicate wearable jewelery, detailed with hand threaded beads.

A selection of my music collection pieces.
Long single strand necklace with delicately beaded loops around the whole circumference.
Long single strand necklace with occasional beaded loops in red.
long single strand necklace in red.
Long single strand necklace with black beading.